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Residential Masonry

Residential Masonry & Restoration

LINTEL REPAIR AND REPLACEMENT – Proper maintenance and care for your steel and masonry lintels is crucial to guaranteeing the structural integrity of the wall above

CHIMNEY REPAIR - A deteriorating or leaning chimney is dangerous. Ensuring that your chimneys are built correctly is critical.

POINTING - The technique of repairing mortar joints between bricks or other masonry elements. When aging mortar joints crack and disintegrate, the defective mortar is removed by hand or power tool and replaced with fresh mortar.

MORTAR AND BRICK MATCHING – With careful preparation and the right mortar recipe, new bricks can blend seamlessly into existing, making the repairs look like they were never made. Using softer mortars due to frailty of original masonry units.

BRICK AND STONE CLEANING – Cleaning your masonry walls is a cost-effective way to bring new life into

NEW CONSTRUCTION – House bricking, foundations, additions, & fireplaces.

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